Getting started with FirstMap is easy. Refer to the appropriate section below based on what type of user you are. For all users, check out our Quick Reference Sheet with the URL's and basic information you need to get started. In all cases, the FirstMap team takes great care in ensuring the integrity and security of data in FirstMap. We work with the data owners to restrict data to the appropriate audience and adhere to change control practices for updates and maintenance

General Public

The general public can use applications that have been shared through our FirstMap ArcGIS Online Portal. Several applications are available now and more will be added over time. Follow the steps in our ArcGIS Online Guide to make the best use of our on-line resources. We welcome suggestions and contributions to our gallery of applications! Here are a few applications currently available to the public:

The general public can also view and consume any of the data in FirstMap via web services. Use the Quick Reference Sheet to find the key links that you need.

Users not on the State Network

Disconnected Users (Contractors/Business Partners, County or Local Government)

We are excited to be able to share state owned and maintained data for use in our business partner’s projects and applications. You can leverage the resources available in FirstMap and ArcGIS Online to enhance your applications so they include the most up to date information from the State. For basic viewing and links to services, refer to the Quick Reference Sheet. For more advance questions specific to connecting applications (such as Javascript or Flex API’s) to the FirstMap services and ArcGIS Online organization, please contact the FirstMap team.

If you have data to contribute to FirstMap, please contact the FirstMap team and we will work with you to find the most efficient way to load your data and keep it up to date. We can set up an SFTP site specific for your use to submit data, and can set up disconnected replication if you have an enterprise geodatabase. We can also publish services that you wish to share with the state users if you provide an MXD or Service Definition File. These documents are the most relevant to data owners and contributors:

Users on the State Network

Connected Users

If you are on the state network and have a dataset that you maintain and have a need to share that data with other users, please contact the FirstMap team and we will work with you to get access to the database, as well as software and configuration files to get you connected. These documents are the most relevant to connected data owners:

If you are a user on the state network and just want to use the resources in FirstMap but aren’t a data owner, refer to our Connected User Information Sheet for the URL’s to the services and basic information that you need.

Not Sure Where You Fit?

Interested in GIS & FirstMap, but not sure where you fit?

If you are new to GIS and are interested in learning more, check out our Getting Started with GIS document. If you would just like to understand more, please contact the FirstMap team to discuss your options, technical needs, software and licensing, and training.

For additional information not covered here, please email

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